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What is UrActive? 2019-05-07T10:12:28+00:00

UrActive is a comprehensive IT solution for companies involved in the tourism activities and experiences sector. It is a very powerful tool for management and distribution of tourist activities/experiences.

What led to the creation of UrActive 2019-05-07T10:12:39+00:00

UrActive was created to fill a void found in the sector. Many companies lack the resources to acquire the proper tools they need for their trade. The ever evolving and growing market, makes it hard for, even the largest of layers, to keep up with high demands and expectation. We created UrActive to offer all involved with the sector a more efficient way to manage and distribute their product/service.

How does UrActive’s integration work? 2019-05-07T10:12:50+00:00

UrActive keeps your bookings under control no mater where the solution collects them, so you don’t need to worry about overbooking. It also maintains all photos and content about your activities in sync.

Why UrActive? 2019-05-07T10:13:02+00:00

Imagine a customer that reserves an activity/experience, without you having to worry about managing your resources and reservations by hand. Picture having the ability to promote through various channels, getting your message out there without the hassle of visiting tons of social networks and third party sites. Have you imagined not having to spend loads of your hard earned money in sites that are limited and do nothing more than just “be there”? Think about less effort, more profit, and more time while making your business thrive.

Will UrActive run on my browser? 2019-05-07T10:13:13+00:00

Our team of developers have worked hard to make sure UrActive runs smoothly on every browser. We want you and your clients to always be able to access UrActive, so you can see results around the clock. Until this date no browser has caused us any trouble. And if any ever do, just give us the tip and we will sort things out.

Does UrActive support my language? 2019-12-04T16:14:18+00:00

We hope someday that it covers every single language in the world (we really do). We are aiming to make UrActive accessible to as many languages as possible. At the moment, UrActive is supported in the following languages:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Russian
Is UrActive available in my country? 2019-05-07T10:13:28+00:00

UrActive aims to be a global solution. It is most likely that it will be soon available in your country. Your questions are welcome at any time!

Where can I find tips on how to use UrActive? 2019-05-07T10:13:37+00:00

Our objective is to make UrActive as user-friendly as possible, and post videos with tips on how to get the best out of the solution as often as we can. Keep an eye on our website for feature videos containing all you need to know!

Can I access my account by a mobile app? 2019-05-07T10:17:12+00:00

Not only can you access, but you can also manage your account through dedicated iOS and Android apps that are frequently updated.

Can I personalize my page on UrActive? 2019-05-07T10:13:56+00:00

We will have a selection of templates for you to choose from.

How does UrActive work? 2019-12-04T16:30:03+00:00

Well we won’t bore you with the technical details, but UrActive is a comprehensive tool, that contemplates managing and distribution of your products/services in a much more organized and reliable way than ever before. UrActive groups all your information, available resources and creates a hive of management in absolute harmony. It allows all your distribution to keep in mind these said resources. It isn’t magic, but it’s close.

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However, if in any way, you do not see your doubts clarified with this information, please send your questions to info@uractive.com.