How to take advantage of your Facebook business page

As we all know, Facebook is an important market place for all businesses and a great opportunity to promote your products. However, it can be overwhelming with the number of settings and personalization that you can do to your business page. We believe that with only these three tips you can improve your Facebook business page and consequently your online sales!

Have a customized Facebook URL

A custom Username on Facebook is very important for a business for many reasons:

  • A custom username is easier to memorize for you and your clients;
  • It is shorter which looks better on printed material (business cards, brochures);
  • Also, it looks more professional on your e-mails and newsletters;
  • A custom username secures your business name on Facebook.

How to do it:

To customize your Facebook URL you need to go to the “About” tab on your Facebook page and edit your username. Your username should be your company’s name.

Have a Facebook call to action button that works for your business

Your call to action button is a simple way to let your followers know what you want from them on your page, that being to contact you, to schedule a meeting, to buy your products or even to download your app. You should analyze your business and think about what your button should be. You can and should change your button accordingly, for instance, if you regularly have your button set to “contact us” and you just launched a new app you should change your button to “download the app”. This keeps your page updated and fresh, and it is an easy way to promote your app.

How to do it:

  1. Hover your cursor over your current button, underneath your cover photo and select “Edit button”
  2. Than, you just need to see which button makes more sense to your current situation
  3. Follow Facebook’s instructions
  4. After you set your call to action button, you can test it by hovering your cursor over the button and clicking “Test button”

Have a Facebook Shop with all your activities

Another upside of knowing how to take advantage of your Facebook business page is that you can create your own distribution channel. By adding your tours an activities to your Facebook Shop you are giving your clients a new and easy way to purchase your products! Also, by linking your tours and activities’ UrActive page you can relax knowing that your availabilities are all under control.

How to do it:

  1. Go to Settings > Templates and Tabs.
  2. At the end of the page, click Add New Tab.
  3. Add the Shop Tab.
  4. After you accept the terms and conditions, click on Add product on your Shop page
  5. Fill all the information, you can copy this info from your UrActive activity page, including photo, name, price, description and a link to your UrActive activity page.
  6. Just repeat this process for all your activities and watch your bookings grow!

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