Integrating Google Analytics with your UrActive website

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that allows you to study the behavior of a visitor on your website. You can sign up for Google Analytics using your UrActive domain or even your own!

Go to https://analytics.google.com and enter your email account. Create a Google Analytics account by filling in the requested fields. Then click “Get Tracking ID.” Once you get to your GA page, go to the “Administration” section.

Click “Tracking info”> “Tracking code.” You should copy the “Control ID” so that you can integrate it into your UrActive Backoffice.

Once you have your Google Analytics Tracking ID, you must paste it into your UrActive Backoffice in your channel settings. You are now ready to better understand your customers’ behavior on your website, for example, how many visitors do you have, which pages have the most visits or where did your customers come from.

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