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UrActive Solution

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Full Coverage

UrActive covers your management and distribution needs to an extremely extended degree. Bookings, pricing, activities, channels, feedback and much more are accessible in a user-friendly and intuitive way.


Whatever data provided is integrated and always in sync, no matter what you change or wherever bookings are made from, everything is put in place accordingly.


Keep Informed

UrActive gives you real-time data about the aspects of your business. Know how things are going at any given time, so you can plan and react accordingly. And it takes into account all changes that are made.

Meet Expectations

Forget the messy confirmation emails and the obsolete phone calls, now your costumers can book and pay for their activities from their desktop or mobile device, and it’s all instantly registered.


Mobile Apps

After speaking to operators in the sector, most wished that there was a dedicated mobile app for today’s smartphone user. This is an example of how our interaction with our customers can begin great ideas.

Multiple Channel Presence

Reach an ever-growing universe of customers with our channel manager. Your website, your social media and all your channels accessible to you in one place saving you time and money, while you get your product to as many customers as possible.


Increase Productivity

Spend less time managing logistics and free yourself from the hassle. UrActive keeps everything in check so you can concentrate on your customers, increasing your productivity.