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All bookings entering the system, either manually entered (store sale), by customers, or by resellers, are displayed in the “Bookings” module. You can check all your bookings, edit them and control your status. You can also establish which columns are visible so that you can access the information that is most important to you more easily.


  • Preview

Click on the booking number to view your bookings information and change your status.

Bookings Status:

  • Confirmed: for when you confirm your client’s reservation;

  • Pending: the state in which the reservation of the client is when it is made and until you change the state;

  • Canceled: when for any reason (climate, mechanical problems, …) the activity cannot be performed;

  • Failed: this state refers to the client’s non-attendance to the activity;

  • Completed: After the activity has already been performed, select this state for the solution to send an email requesting a review.

    Note: This status is only selectable after the reservation status has passed confirmed status.

  • Edit

Bookings that have already entered the solution can be edited. You can add information, change payment data and even change dates or quantities of the reserved activities.

If you have added comments fields, you can add information in them in the editing of the bookings. To see more about internal remarks, click HERE

To change quantities/dates simply select according to the change you want to make. For quantities, simply increase or decrease as required.

Selecting “Change dates” will display the price options calendar, where you can select the date according to availability.

Attention: The solution will only allow you to move from bookings to alternative dates according to the availability of the price options.