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Customers are all those who have registered on the site to make a booking/purchase of some activity. This field has more specific information about your customers, for example, the name (first and last), email, country/city, address, postal code, etc. And the dates on which the customer profile was created and updated.

Add a customer:

Click on the “Add customer” button and fill in the fields with information about your customer. Then click “Create” to create and save the customer.

Customer List Options:

  • Preview

Click on the icon to consult any of your customers’s file and consult your data.

  • Edit

Click the icon to edit the listing of any of your customers and their data.

  • Remove

To remove your customer.

Attention: To remove a customer, it must have an “active” status.

Note: A customer will have a status of “active” when the account activation is configured in the Site Management and this confirms your email account.