User Manual – Dashboard 2019-07-25T10:55:56+00:00


In the dashboard, there is a general summary of the management of your activities, through which it obtains information such as: what is the most booked activities, the days with the largest flow of bookings, etc., and also a list with the last bookings and the latest reviews received.

The Dashboard consists of a series of widgets that provide information about your business:

  • Bookings per day: displays the general daily bookings of the last 10 days;
  • Bookings per Channel: displays the bookings by the channel of origin of the last month;
  • Last Bookings: the last 5 bookings to enter the solution. At the end of this widget you can click on “See All” and then go to the bookings manager;
  • Bookings per Week: shows the progression of your bookings made in the last 12 weeks to see their evolution;
  • Profits per Channel: Displays the accumulated sales price per distribution channel in the last month (just as bookings per channel, it is already displayed with the future in mind);
  • Daily Profit: shows the accumulated value of sales, based on the sales price, obtained in the last 10 days;
  • Most Booked Activities: exhibits among its activities, the 3 activities that have received more bookings;
  • Latest Reviews: shows the latest reviews by guests. At the end of this widget you can click “See all” to see their ratings;
  • Weekly Profit: based on the sales price, shows the evolution of the value of your sales over the last 12 weeks;
  • Most Profitable Activities: From your activities, the 3 most profitable activities are displayed in terms of selling price.

In the upper bar, in the righthand corner, you have access to the settings and your personal profile, as well as the “Logout” button.