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What is a reseller?

Resellers are entities external to your company that sell your activities. They can access your website availability and make bookings, registering these on behalf of the final customers. You can create reseller accesses as well as contracts in the solution and provide login access so that your agents/partners can access your activities as resellers.

Creating a Reseller Entity

Creating: click the “Add Reseller” button and fill in the details of the reseller.

Conflict resolution: in the creation of a reseller you will have to select the form of resolution of conflicts against possible overlapping contracts.

• Latest Contract: in the event of associated contracts that overlap in date/activity the most recent contract is what will be considered

• Highest Commission: in the event of associated contracts that overlap in date/activity will be considered the one that has the highest associated commission.

Removing a Reseller:

  • Click the icon to remove the reseller.

Reseller User Creation:

Within each reseller entity, you can create multiple reseller users. These are the logins you will need to create so that resellers can register and make bookings. Attention: the resellers should have access to your Front End (website) and you should provide them with the accesses. The back-office should be for internal use of your company and should be limited to you and your authorized staff.

  • Click the icon, then the “Add User” button, fill in the fields and to finish, click the “Create” button.

Creating a Reseller Contract:

  • To create a reseller contract, click on the icon, and then the “Add Contract” button, fill in the fields (see below the various fields in detail) and to finish click the “Create” button to generate the contract. Resellers can make reservations even without associated contracts.

The basis of contracts:

The contracts may be based on:

 Activity Date: the duration of the contract will consider the date of the activity, regardless of the date the booking is made.

 Booking Date: the term of the agreement will consider the date of creation of the booking, regardless of the date of the activity.


Percentage of the sales value to be delivered to the reseller at the time of booking.

Start Date/End Date:

Period of validity of the contract according to what was selected in the “contract basis“.

Contract Type:

Contracts can be of two types:

Inclusion: all selected activities will be considered in the contract, the rest is not covered.

 Exclusion: all selected activities will not be considered in this contract, the rest is covered by it.

View, edit, and remove reseller contracts/users:

  • To view the contracts/users associated with each.

  • Select this icon from your reseller to edit its data. The contracts are not editable, and can only be canceled.

  • To remove. Both the reseller user and the contract can be removed by clicking the icon. Attention: contracts removed will only take into account future bookings, and those prior to their removal will be kept in the system as well as the associated commission (if applicable).