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It is in the Resources module that you can create, edit and manage all your resources.

Create a resource

To create a resource, click on the “Add Resource” button.

Required fields:

Required fields are those identified by the asterisk. The required fields are:

  • Name
  • Minimum Pax
  • Maximum Pax

Information to add:

Type: Type of resource, this can be a vehicle, a human resource, among others;

Group: A specific category within the resource type;

Description: Brief description you find relevant about the resource;

Sharable between bookings: Select this option if the resource can be used by multiple bookings;

Disabled: Select if your resource is not able to operate

Dependencies: Indicate if your resource is dependent on another and if so to which


These vary depending on the type of resource. Fill in the fields you find necessary, as none of these are required.


This is the space where each user can add notes about the resource, where it is recorded which user made the note and the date it was made.

Unavailable Dates:

If you know the resource will be unavailable for a certain period, you can select the date in this field. This way, any activity dependent on this feature will no longer be available on that date.

Once you are satisfied with the feature click “Save”. You can always delete or edit any resource by clicking on the trashcan icon or pencil icon respectively in the resource list in the “Resources” tab.

Allocate resources to an activity

You can find out how to allocate a resource to an activity and all the features available in the Activity Management module of the user manual (SEE HERE)