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Here you can see all the reviews that your clients have left about the activities. After completing the activity you can ask your clients to review the activities. An activity with positive ratings can be a crucial factor in the decision making for a client.

To Consult:

To see a review, just click on the “Reviews” tab in the left column. You can check the review you want by filtering by period (start date and end date), by activity or even by time reference, that is, newest or oldest.

Receiving Reviews:

In order to receive a review, the booking status has to be changed from “confirmed” to “completed” in the booking manager, which automatically sends an email with a request for review. To see how to edit the status of a booking click HERE.

Attention: you can only receive the review if the client clicks the link sent in the email and fill in the required fields.


You can filter activities for “verified” status in the bookings manager and see activities from previous dates. This way you can easily see “confirmed” activities that are not yet marked as “completed” so that you can ask your clients for reviews.